Why your workouts are boring and 4 ways to make them exciting

Why your workouts are boring and 4 ways to make them exciting


I used to be a Personal Trainer in a gym. I loved it and I learnt a lot. However I could not help but noticing how many people would come to the gym and seem bored by what they were doing.


I used to talk to many of them, and although they had a good training program in place, one that got them results, and change it every 6-8 weeks to keep getting results, they were bored….bored of everything.


To be honest until I went to USA for my studies I never stepped into a gym. Really, why would I? I was practicing sports, Karate and others, 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. And I had a purpose, I had variety, I had excitement. I never thought about health or weight loss, those came with the purpose and excitement.


I went to the gym in the USA and after a few years here in UK. Everything the beginning was exciting, new stuff, new things. But after a while no matter how I changed my routine it was still boring.


And I dare to believe that there are many of you who feel the same. So I wanted to give you the salt and pepper of efficient, always interesting and never boring training routine.


1. Purpose


I will begin by saying that health and weight loss are not part of your purpose. Sorry girls, but it’s not.


Health should be there all the time, we should not make of it a goal. Health is the foundation of success in business, life, career and whatever you want to excel at. Health is not a milestone.


Weight loss is something many of us want but we never consider that this is not one of those things you will have forever, it’s not there to stay for the rest of your life. You lose weight then at some point in your life you gain, then lose again, then gain.


I tell you this because I had many ups and down with my weight. But because I always had a purpose behind my training I never stressed to much about it.


Weight loss comes as a result of health. And health should always be there, you should not even have to think about it, it should be automatically part of your life. If should be your life for that matter.


So what’s the REAL purpose?


When I coach my students I give them a purpose. It can be a challenge to learn and master a technique, or a run, or any other event, or something they’ve always dreamt about doing or achieving but never could.


Training outdoors is a challenge for most so that itself can be a purpose for a while.


Personally, the purpose behind my training is to get really, really good at what I do. And the milestones are races and competitions.


For a while my purpose was to condition myself enough to train outdoors in the winter in shorts. Achieved this winter!!


But do you know why those are purposes and weight loss is not? One of the reasons is that when you master a technique, you cross a finish line or you get that medal no one ever can take that back from you.


That’s an achievement for life, while a slim body (which you will get anyway because you train with purpose) with come and go throughout your life.


So train hard but train with purpose.


Photo Credit: Michael Cohen / Wild Forest Gym

2. Variety and creativity


This is one of the reason the outdoors are such a big part of my life. When you train outdoors you will never, ever experience 2 identical sessions.


Even if you try and replicate it going in the same places and doing the exact same exercises, it will always be different.  And these are some of the reasons:


– weather will be different from day to day, even from hour to hour

– the earth will be different, muddy, frozen, dry or wet.

– the ground is never flat, you will go up and down, left and right and you will need to adapt

– if you get bored of one place you run 2k and you find something totally different. The difference can be from field to thick forest. This is what one of my students said to me once.  And he was right.


In a gym environment the trick is to be very creative. When I was coaching in a gym it was difficult not to fall into monotony like others.


I was always coming up with new stuff and so my clients stayed with me for months and some of them are still with me now after 2 years.


One of the reasons they liked training with me was because I bring variety and creativity wherever I train. Outdoors is my most creative environment though.


So, no matter where you train, be creative and search for variety. Don’t fall into routine and monotony, it’s not exciting.


3. Experience every moment


No matter how much purpose and variety you have if you don’t experience the moment you will not love what you do.


This means to breath, feel, see, touch, smell. And so many times we don’t do it. But when we are outdoors the different aspects of nature automatically make us open up our sense.


Because everything is different all the time we suddenly need to become aware of what’s around us. There is no monotony.


No matter what you do don’t do it for the sake of it.


Have a purpose and experience the journey. Then the results, whatever they may be will soon follow.


Photo Credit: Michael Cohen / Wild Forest Gym


4. Learning


And finally whatever you do never stop learning, developing, evolving. We are humans and learning is part of our evolution. We are hardwired to continuously learn and develop.


Take you training routine as a personal development journey, because that’s what it actually is.


Stop being a little robot and use your cognitive skills to be creative, develop and learn something every time you do your training session.


Combining 20 years of sports, particularly Martial Arts, and bringing natural movement training and running as well yoga, in my coaching gives me the possibility to show my students so much about movement and make them enjoy every moment they spend with me and then working out alone.


This way they:

– always have variety

– always experience the moment

– always look forward to our sessions and…

– always have a purpose behind their training – learning more and more and getting better and better if we don’t have an event planned for them ;).


Hope this inspires you to take your training sessions to the next level and actually enjoy them if you aren’t already.


As always if you want to chat with me feel free to book a call with me or if you want to learn more about my philosophies read my free ebook The Merisoiu Technique

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