Setting the foundations for a powerful body and mind. Getting you out of the gym and back to nature.

Urban Women Fitness, while still active online, is now part of Move Wild Academy. Together we challenge the current fitness paradigm of reps and sets, speed and sweat through focused and mindful primal movement.


At Move Wild Academy We strive to educate our clients and coaches on the fundamentals of human movement and body mechanics. The techniques you lean bring precision and sharpness into your training routine, making your efforts more effective and enabling you to reach your goals with less risk of injury and more strength, power and confidence in your abilities.

Move Wild Academy is the evolution of The Merisoiu Technique Institute and Urban Women Fitness, an idea and a journey which started in January 2014.

Alexandra Merisoiu, known as The Body Engineer, is the Founder of Move Wild Academy and Dracula’s Retreat. She started her PT career in 2013 and is now a Level 4 Personal Trainer, qualified in Low Back Pain Management and Prevention. Alexandra specialises in running technique and primal movement. Challenging the current fitness paradigm through primal movement and helping runners run faster, further, with less risk of injuries through running mechanics. Read more about Alexandra.

Elena Vasati
Thank you so much for the session on Saturday. I was jet lagged, sluggish and not very confident. You managed to take me out of my comfort zone and I could feel how I was breaking a mental barrier. As I said I want to commit to another three months and now that I have started to feel a bit more agile I want to build up the habits and routines to get me there. Overall, I want what everyone does, a toned lean body, but to be honest I like how the sessions challenge me mentally too. So thanks for that and keep doing what you are doing.

Martina Sapelli
I have started working with Alex a couple of months back and it has been complete boost to my confidence. She has proven to be there even when she is not, through her encouragement and positive guidance. Her background and her way of conducting herself make her the perfect combo to approach any situation, for difficult the challenge it may be. She does not seem to stop learning and researching in order to shape even better her take in a very holistic way. I will highly recommend anybody to work with her. Many, many thanks Alex.