Why listen to what your body asks…sometimes

Why listen to what your body asks…sometimes

Today I am writing a shorter blog based on recent events in the past week. A lesson I hope you will learn something from it as I did.


I usually eat a decent quantity of food to fit my active lifestyle. However quality is more important than quality for me.


Although some say that for an athlete I should eat more. But if I ate more I’d give up moving. I’m an athlete but I’m a small one, there’s so much I can eat at a time.


Anyway, for some reason the past week my food intake resumed mostly to grapes, walnuts and grapefruits. That does not mean I didn’t eat proper food throughout the day and week. I ate lentil soups and salads and eggs and everything I usually eat.

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I did eat but my body needed these 3 foods more than anything else. And since I get cravings very seldom, when this happens I usually listen and do what I’m told (unless it’s ice-cream I “need”).


Then two weird things happen at the end of the week. At one of my karate training session my Sensei told me I need to get more mineral intake. He is a very wise man and knows so much and I believe him when he tells me something.


This also reminded me that throughout my childhood I was recommended to make sure I had enough iron intake.


So I went home and looked at the nutritional values of the 3 foods I was craving: walnuts, grapes and grapefruit.


I found out that walnuts, besides fats, have a good amount of iron, vit-B6 and magnesium, grapefruit (as you guessed) vi A and C in abundance and grapes vit-B6. But the walnuts got my attention.


And my mother, my wise mother, has send me a bag of walnuts from the countryside in Romania. Usually I keep them for a very long time but now I am all over them (even as I write this).


Plus I was aware that my fat intake hasn’t been enough for a few weeks prior, so walnuts covered some of that as well, it seems.


The second thing that happened is that my mother felt like eating mostly fruit the whole week last week as well (she just old me today). Ha ha, so it’s my mother who won’t let me eat proper food. Well, this is not so important, just an interesting coincidence.


Really, this does not happen often, but when it does I listen and do what I’m told. Obviously if it was ice-cream I would have ignored it for a few days and if it persisted then I’d have some (some means some, not a whole tub of ice-cream). That’s because usually this is a temporary “I am hungry and I’m too lazy to cook so let’s have whatever to fill the stomach” thing. So I wait days to see if I still want ice-cream.


But that’s another story I will tell you another time.


For now, learn to listen to your body and make wise decisions. You might cover something your body really, really needs.


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Alexandra Merisoiu
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  1. Yes it goes both ways. We need to (sometimes) listen to it. But event eating biscuits has a purpose: it benefits our brain. And by that I mean that the brain needs to solve something (usually emotional stuff – that’s why we usually have carbs as comfort food). And the brain remembers that those biscuits made it feel better so it asks for it. Does this make sense at all?

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