Things To Do Under The Shower

Things To Do Under The Shower

It’s not what you think ok? It’s about stretching.

Too many of us “complain” we have no time to stretch. Well, beginning today you can incorporate stretching in your other daily “must do” habits.

And for stretches, doing them under the shower is actually good as they release tension faster and they are also warm and ready for a stretch.

Some safety stuff: showers are slippery so you might want to sit to do some of the stretches or all of them so you don’t injure yourself.


So here are a few things you can do while you shower


Be mindful of your posture

Hahaha, thought you got away. Nope, the more aware we are of our posture and body weight distribution the better.

So stop slouching. Relax your shoulders. What makes the greatest changes in life are the habits you do when no one is watching.

It’s difficult sometimes to hold your posture, I know very well. But if we want to make any difference in the way we feel we must make an effort, just at the beginning until the habits become automatic. It will be worth it in the end.

Read my blog post on Posture: 3 Awesome Benefits Of  A Great Posture


Stretch your toes and fingers…one by one

This the the best feeling ever. And it’s not only me saying this. My clients and my readers stretch their finger and toes and they feel amazing as well.

Imagine your fingers all day tensed after tipping, carrying, throwing, catching and, in my case punching. Toes are the same, curled up in shoes (particularly high heel shoes…ouch!), walking, running. They need to stretch and relax.


Stretch your wrists

Pretty straight forward:

– bend your wrist and push one at a time with the free hand, to feel the stretch on top of the wrist

– palm facing up, push the fingers and palm down and pull them towards you, to feel the stretch on the opposite side

– palm facing down, pull the hand towards you (slowly); elbow tucked in; drive your thumb towards your body

– palm facing down, pull the hand towards you (slowly); elbow tucked in; drive your palm and little finger towards towards your body


Breathing exercises

Here I actually have a chapter of my upcoming book, Breathing Mastery, available for free download. 

Take the linear and triangle breathing techniques and practice them.

And if you want to know why correct deep breathing techniques are important, check out my blog: 16 benefits of deep breathing. Among them we have:

  1. Relaxes the mind and brings clarity, focus, allows room for more creativity and productivity.
  2. Helps detoxify your body.
  3. Relieves emotional struggles, calms you down in moments of panic and anxiety.
  4. Assists in weight control. More oxygen to your tissues burns up the excess fat more efficiently.
  5. Improves cellular regeneration.
  6. Encourages good posture. When you slouch notice how your body closes up and your breathing becomes shallow. Then you take a deep breath, your chest comes out and your body naturally straightens.


Stretch the sides of your body

I have a couple of pictures of you here:

Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (10) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (11)


Stretch your neck

Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (7) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (6)
Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (8) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (9)

Stretch your forearm, shoulder and triceps

Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (2) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (3) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (1)

Stretch your shoulders and chest

Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (4) Alexandra-Merisoiu-Flexibility-Exercise (5)


The Merisoiu Stretch (of course)

I must remind you here about safety on slippery surfaces. You can do this after you come out of the shower, better.

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Alexandra Merisoiu
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