The squat: Why to do it, How to do it

The squat: Why to do it,  How to do it


Why squat


1. It’s a natural movement

We squat, or we should squat, almost every time we pick or put down something. You see cultures who eat or work while squatting. It’s a healthy way to treat your body.

Build the habit of squatting. No matter how light the load it or how high from the ground we should squat. It’s about building a good habit and when the weight is heavy and closer to the ground then we will be prepared for it. Habits, habits, habits.


2. Strengthens the core

The core is where every movement and every word we throw out starts. Whether we talk, laugh, burp, lift or run it all starts from the core. And remember that a strong core in the body allows for a strong core in the mind.

The squat, when done correctly, strengthens the core of your body:

– abdominal muscles
– pelvis
– diaphragm
– obliques or side of the abs
– back muscles, strengthening the lumbar spine


3. Strengthening stability muscles

I am a big believer in the power of stability muscles. While we have big stability muscles, such as quadriceps, we also have the small, miniscule muscles deeply hidden in our body, which support the joints. It’s the details that make the whole.

The squat, even without any weight and when done properly, strengthens your stability muscles to help you:

– recover faster after an injury, small or big
– regain your balance faster and injury free when you trip, slip or otherwise lose balance
– balance how the body functions, strengthening the weaker points


How to squat


Source: Precision Nutrition

10 general guidelines for a good deep squat:


1. Elongate your spine and puff your chest out

2. Plant your feet into the ground, feel grounded with the toes and the heel, with toes facing straight forward

3. Push down with the big toes so the arch of the foot does not collapse inwards

4. Slowly, on a count of 10, lower yourself down breathing out on the way down

3. Imagine you are sitting on a very small stool placed right behind your heel

5. Keep your knees behind the toes or aligned with them

7. Go as low as you can keeping the heels on the ground and a straight back. Go half way if needed but to it right

8. When you come up imagine someone is pulling you up from the top of the head. Lead with your head not with your bum. Chest out, looking forward.

9. Start squeezing your bum/gluteal muscles as soon as you can on the way up, to push your hips forward

10. Breath out on the way up


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Here is a video to help you visualize the technique

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