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Why I Am Not A Personal Trainer 2

Why I Am Not A Personal Trainer Who would have thought that the knowledge about the body learnt after thousands of hours spent in the Dojo training for Karate competitions and teaching will be the foundations of my coaching today. Everything from breathing, posture and meditation to developing a strong, flexible and healthy body as […]

100th Blog

100th Blog Post Thought I’d make something special for my 100th blog post. So I picked (hand picked that is 😉 ) a few sentences from each blog post I wrote and added the link to the blog post it came from. A piece of wisdom from each of them. Some more interesting than others, but starting […]

Reclaim Your Nature

Reclaim Your Nature I was a lucky child. I was born and raised in a big city where I had almost everything a child wanted. But every summer holiday my parents would send me to the countryside to spend 3 months with my grandparents. The little poor village had 2 small shops. There was no cinema, not […]

How Does The Merisoiu Technique Really Work

How Does The Merisoiu Technique Really Work The Merisoiu Technique or TMT is based on Six Guiding Principles of a Healthier Lifestyle: 1. Earthing or Reconnecting With The Earth 2. Natural Movement or Reclaiming Your Nature 3. Zanshin or Awareness and Mindfulness 4. Nutrition 5. Personal Development 6. Habits Transformation   TMT is not a […]

The squat: Why to do it, How to do it 2

The squat: Why to do it,  How to do it   Why squat   1. It’s a natural movement We squat, or we should squat, almost every time we pick or put down something. You see cultures who eat or work while squatting. It’s a healthy way to treat your body. Build the habit of […]