How To Stop Your Shoulders From Hurting At The End Of The Day

How To Stop Your Shoulders From Hurting At The End Of The Day

Photo Credit: anchor1203 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: anchor1203 via Compfight cc

That’s a good question. Working in front of the computer for hours and hours can make your shoulders ache…..and the whole body actually.

Here are a few things to consider and do to avoid tensing your shoulders throughout the day and painful at the end of it.

1. Posture

I always say that if I had to choose the one thing I’d like my clients to take from their experience of training with me that’ll be Posture. If there was one thing I could choose.

Maintaining a good posture throughout the day will help the body relax. You cannot imagine how important posture is until you begin to understand what a good posture means.

Elongate from the crown of the head rather than tensing the shoulder blades to push your chest out (military style and the one I learnt as a child). A good posture should help you relax your body while maintaining a straight line ear-shoulder-hips-ankles (actually slightly forward than the ankles, close to middle of foot).

Need to look at your posture? I can help you and also take you through the meditation exercise I take my clients on to elongate the body adn spine. Book a free call with me and let’s get you more relaxed.

2. Therapeutic breathing

This is perfect for tensed, painful shoulders. I personally do it regularly as I am currently experiencing injuries and this helps the injured area relax, and increases blood circulation there, helping it heal.

There are many benefits of deep breathing, read 16 of them here.

But breathing exercises should not replace other forms of treatment, however they may compliment them in most cases.

I learnt this many years ago but my OCR Coach Michael Cohen explains it very well so I will quote him here.

Therapeutic breathing is where you can direct the breath into a particular part of the body, where you may have an injury, illness or ailment to help it recover and heal.

• Decide on the region or part of the body that you are going to breathe into. For a moment take your mind and eyes to that region. Then sense the direct route it will take to go from your nose to the target location and then back out through the nose.

• Keep your mouth closed, take an extended BREATHE IN along the route, filling every cell along the route to the target location. The route can fill thick like squeezing toothpaste or it may flow as easy as oil.

• Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.

• Slowly BREATHE OUT from the target area, feeling each cell empty out through the nose.

• Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.

• Repeat

3. Go floppy

Yep. Move your shoulders left and right and let your arms hang freely from your shoulders. Imagine they are no longer attached. You have no more control over them. Let them be free. Let them go!

4. The details

Here I want to talk (or maybe even write 😉 ) about the way you use your body at the desk when you work. This is a major contributor to shoulder pain…but you already knew that right? Here are some point to bear in mind.

• When you type and/or write are your elbows supported? They should be placed on the desk so your shoulders relax.

• Are your desk and seat at the right height related to each other? For example my chair is low relative to the desk so when I place my elbows on the desk my shoulders naturally raise. I have my ways of dealing with it, do you? Relax your shoulders.

• Posture!! Elongate …. as above

• Place your feet flat on the floor. Everything you do affects muscle tension in your body. This will relax your legs and aligning your hips will make sure you place even tension on both parts of your body. Everything in balance.

But besides how you sit at your desk also considers how you use your body throughout the day:

• posture when driving (relax shoulders)
• walking (relax the arms from the shoulders)
• gesticulating when you talk (keep elbows down so your shoulders don’t tense up)
• holding items (how much tension in your shoulders do you need to drink a cup of tea or bring the fork to your mount, don’t raise the elbow as this will sent up your shoulders)

And now you may think “there’s no way these small things can affect tension my shoulders to the point where they hurt really bad”.

Well….there’s only one way to find out. Become aware of how you move your body, find all the possible ways to relax your arms and shoulders and then you can get back to me with the results.

5. Fluid stretch

Unwind at the end of the day like this (just much slower). Open up all joints, stretch all muscles. Don’t use strength, just flow. Your body knows where to go. Do this sitting or standing. Do it before, during and after your workout. Stand up and do it in from of your desk.

Each of the techniques I’ve listed here can be taught in a 30 min free call with me. You probably need to look at one of them. The one which will create the greatest improvement. Book a free call with me to go through the one elements you need.

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  1. Yes, there are many ways. If that works for you then go with that. You can just try the others to see how you feel. The fluid stretch is good as it also mobilizes the joints and reduces pressure. I have some more videos coming up. I have about 28 videos to edit over the week.

  2. Awesome Alexandra, you did ithe fluid stretch with so much ease. Can I still use the 'dropping of shoulder' you taught before? I kinda like that, it works perfect for me.

  3. Yes, when you sit at the desk we tend to forget all those small things and then pay for it. A trick is to simply have a post it note on the side of your screen or on the table to remind you of one of a few of these elements

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