Why And How To Look After Your Feet

Why And How To Look After Your Feet

The Why

You are as strong as your weakest link.

How many times have you thought about your feet lately? And I don’t mean making your toenails look pretty. Sure you can do that as well.

You feet are your first contact with the ground. They are your foundations. Yet you never use them in your shoes. They are dormant and weak.

As with everything, if the foundations of a system are weak then the entire system is weakened and will collapse sooner or later.

In some cases they also the cause of many injuries, aches and pains throughout your body such as knees pain and shin splints.

Because when a weak link is put under repetitive pressure (while walking, standing, running etc) it will:

1. Weaken further until it breaks
2. Cause other links to take more pressure than normal and they will weaken as well

Makes sense right?

Here’s what Steve Bloor Musculoskeletal Podiatrist or “The Barefoot Podiatrist” says:

“Stiff, supportive shoes, acting like braces, cause muscle weakness & atrophy, along with joint stiffness. The evidence is showing that the plantar fascia & arch muscles need to be used in a repetitive stretch/shortening cycle in order to keep them strong & pliable. In essence, to keep the foot healthy it needs to function in the way it was evolved to function – naturally! Stiff supportive footwear don’t allow this.”

He wrote an article on barefoot lifestyle talking about feet here.


The How

Be different and look after your body starting with the foundations. Strong thighs will be of no use if your foot muscles are weak. The same goes for biceps and hands but that’s another story.

Choose one of the following to begin strengthening your foot muscles:

1. Pick up things with your feet.

One of my clients picks up the shampoo bottle with her foot. You can also pick up socks, pens, sticks, shoes, golf ball and so on.

2. Do what I do in this video alone of play with a partner

3. Go barefoot

You can do this in the house but it’s good to walk on many different surfaces and allow the feet to curl around objects so the muscles develop multilaterally.

With all of them you don’t necessarily have to feel a burn or ache the next day. That’s not the point. Your muscles are working


Remember you are as strong as your weakest link. Strengthen that link and bring more strength and stability to the system.

[tweetthis]You are as strong as your weakest link. Strengthen that link and bring more strength and stability to the system.[/tweetthis]

If you have any questions I can answer them and help you with the exercises, just jump on a free call with me.

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