The Risks Of Going Barefoot

The Risks Of Going Barefoot

Ok here’s the truth about my beliefs in barefoot lifestyle, whether running or not. And I must emphasize these are my own beliefs.

I started going barefoot ever since I could walk. And over time I went through rivers and lakes (and not all clean I’ll tell you that) and forests and sand and all over the place.

I was lucky that my father taught me, what we call today, mindful walking. Back then we called it paying attention to where you put your feet.

Then, at 8 years old, I began practicing Karate. And in Karate you always go barefoot.


To tell you the truth all the scientific proof about earthing and benefits/risks of going barefoot don’t really influence me that much.

I did this since I could walk and what I like about going barefoot is the feeling of relief when my toes are free to expand and release tension in them. I like the feeling of freedom that comes with it. Always did, always will.

The risks of going barefoot

But it’s not all sunshine when you go barefoot. And I never insist on my clients going barefoot if they don’t wish to.

Did I ever tell you I steps on a wasp walking on wet sand on the side of a stream?

Now, because I had a god barefoot mentor, my father, I don’t remember ever cutting myself and stepping in something that would injure me or anything.

But I do remember I was running around like a crazy child and buried into the sand there were there leftovers of a rusty bridge over the stream in the form of strands nicely interlaced.

As I was running around I uncovered them and I ended up with nice scratches on the sole of my right foot. Very superficial but very ticklish hahaha.

Anyway those were the 2 occasions.

Here are some of the risks of going barefoot:

Unprotected feet – from what you step on/in and for you joints
Infection – if you have or even if you don’t have an open wound and step in “stuff” you risk infection
Sharp objects you could step on
Pressure on joints. Look there’s a risk, right? There is pressure on joints, particularly if you don’t really know how to run/walk soft on your feet and you are in a rush.
Blisters – never had them, I had them in shoes though, but could happen if your skin is not tough enough
Achilles tendinitis, plantar pain (on sole of foot) – to be honest going barefoot helped me with these two things. I used to limp to the bathroom in the morning because of my Achilles and plantar pain. For me it helped, barefoot and muscle strengthening by going barefoot. But I guess it can happen to others, we are all different. The weird thing is that on Very Well (former Sports Medicine) they say it can lead to injuries AND it can reduce injuries in Achilles. But that depends on how you transition
Calf strain – yes this is true, particularly if you are at the beginning and your calves didn’t strengthen; must say my calves have never ever been so strong, they used used be really skinny and weak before I began training barefoot (not necessarily running). But then it can also reduce the injuries, by stretching the calves.
Looking weird – hmmmm is that really a problem?

There are benefits of going barefoot…

…such as waking up dormant muscles which we never use in our shoes. Feet are the foundations of your system (the body) and with weak foundations the whole system is weak.

Or another good thing is that you can do a forefoot strike (on the ball of the foot) easier. May reduce certain injuries and improve balance. But today I want to make you aware of the other side of the coin: the risks of going barefoot


Other opinions

Here are two other resources for you. Other opinions that’s all. Now you need to filter the information and choose what’s right for you.

Barefoot Running – The Pros and Cons of Going Shoeless

Science, American legal system confirm barefoot shoes are bullshit

My advice to you

There’s not need to praise anything in this world. Everything has pros and cons: cheese, beer, water, wine, the ocean, training, dieting, ice cream, fruit, air and the list can go on. That’s the truth.

So here’s the thing, scientific stuff left aside, if you enjoy taking your shoes off then go for it. Just know the risks and learn to transition from someone who did it before.. If you don’t enjoy it then don’t, no one will force you to.

Everyone stands for something in this world. This is something I stand for. I believe we are organic beings and we should remain in contact with the matter we are made of. This is among the things I believe in.

That being said I will not shout out that barefoot is the best thing ever. Because it’s not, there are risks. But there are also benefits.

So what do you stand for in this world?

If you want to have a chat on the topic, or if you want to transition but not sure how let’s talk.

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