How To Prepare For Outdoors Winter Workout

How To Prepare For Outdoors Winter Workout

Training outdoors in winter is a matter of experiencing the world from a different angle. There are a few things about the environment to consider when you take on winter training.



You know it’s cold already, but knowing the temperatures will help you with more than just on the day.

You learn about your body, how it behaves at certain temperatures, what it needs and when it is time to push cold weather conditioning, if that is what you want.

You also keep track of your progress in terms of changes in your overall body temperature as your body acclimatizes to harsh weather.

Knowing the temperature will help you decide on the type of kit you will be using. And knowing how your body is accustomed to certain temperatures you will know that when others feel cold for you it’s comfortable, or the other way around.

Numbers are your guidelines.



Temperature is one aspect. The other is whether it’s wet, dry, foggy, raining or snowing, muddy or ice under the snow. So the ground and general weather conditions.

Knowing this will help you decide on the layers you will wear, the type of shoes you will wear and other accessories you may need.

Don’t over think things. You don’t need 100 pairs of shoes and layers. Have one main kit for winter and one for summer. In the next blogs I will be talking about winter training equipment.



When we workout outdoors in winter we must not forget it gets dark earlier and the sun rises later. Now it’s light, 45 minutes later is dark.

If it gets dark while you are in the park or the forest it can get dangerous, for both men or women.

I was lucky to have been coached by an experienced coach and learnt what to look out for.

You must time your workout to make sure you are well equipped. A head torch with you is one of the best pieces of equipment to have in winter.


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