Equipment For Outdoors Winter Workout

Equipment For Outdoors Winter Workout

These are the main pieces of equipment you should consider having through winter training.

Of course it also depends on what winter we are talking about. Does it snow, how low does the temperature go? In this case I will talk about London, where winter temperatures are around -5 degrees Celsius.


Clothing and shoes



You may get hot, you may get cold, you don’t know. You might want to take layers off, if you don’t have them you are stuck. Be prepared.

Base layers

Base layers regulate your temperature and keeps moist out. When we didn’t have them we were ok. But now that we have them put them to good use.

Arms and calf compressions

It is said that compression layers help you reduce muscle strain. In winter they also keep your muscles warm, reducing risk of injuries.


I don’t know about you but we train on muddy terrain and having a good grip is essential. If you are a runner and run on pavement think about slippery surface and if there is any snow.

If you go off road, make sure you have the right shoes. We use Inov8 and Vivobarefoot for winter.

Beanie hat and gloves

You can lose a lot of head if your head is uncovered. This is not fashion, it doesn’t matter whether you look good with a beanie hat or not. If you are doing a photoshoot fine, look as you want to. But when you train outdoors you have to keep warm.

Hands are the most exposed to the elements. Get a good pair of gloves, fast wicking, that will keep your warm.

Good quality stuff

Don’t go for cheap stuff. With few exceptions, in general, you get what you pay for. If you are serious about outdoors winter workout treat yourself to good equipment.

In the long run you will actually save money.


Food and liquids

It’s not summer, it’s not hot but winter weather will take up a lot of resources. Make sure you sip water throughout your workout.

Add a pinch of salt to replace electrolytes.

Have snacks such as fruit leathers and bars. I don’t particularly eat bars, I usually have a piece of fruit with me. Here’s what to look for in the ingredients list when you choose your bar.


Other pieces of equipment


Head torch

Depending on the time of day you will do your workout you may start or end it before sunrise or after sunset.

I began training with head torches in 2012 with my coach. What an amazing experience.


You have quite a few pieces of equipment to carry with you. Plus the layers. Have a good backpack. We use Lowe Alpine 18l. You can find models on the UWF Amazon store.


I think I have covered the essentials. If you have questions post them in a comment below.


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If you’d like more advice contact me and I will be happy to give you some more suggestions.


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