100th Blog

100th Blog Post Thought I’d make something special for my 100th blog post. So I picked (hand picked that is ūüėČ )¬†a few sentences from each blog post¬†I wrote and added the link to the blog post it came from. A piece of wisdom from each of them. Some more interesting than others, but starting …


The Risks Of Going Barefoot

The Risks¬†Of Going Barefoot Ok here’s the truth about my beliefs in barefoot lifestyle, whether running or not. And I must emphasize these are my own beliefs. I started going barefoot ever since I could walk.¬†And over time I went through rivers and lakes (and not all clean I’ll tell you that) and forests and …


Getting Off The Treadmill Of Life

Getting Off The Treadmill Of Life I am not even sure the title is the best one for this post. I was inspired by one of my students to write about this after a conversation we had the other day. Let me tell you my thoughts first. One day, last Wednesday to be more precise, …


STOP Exercising! Do This Instead

STOP Exercising! Do This Instead Stop exercising and start Developing skills Stop exercising and start Exploring yourself and the environment Stop exercising and start Playing¬†around so you enjoy life Stop exercising and start Being Mindful of what you are feeling, seeing, hearing and doing Stop exercising and start Listening to the life surrounding you Stop …


10 awesome things about training outdoors

10 awesome things about training outdoors 1. It’s the best way to warm up when you’re cold. You will walk around in a t-shirt while others have coats. 2. When you’re bored of one place you have the option to move in a totally different place 2km away 3. Research shows that people who spend …


How I discovered Earthing

How I discovered Earthing   A few weeks ago I was asked this question, how I discovered Earthing. So I decided to write a short blog about it.¬†The fact is I didn’t discover it, it was there all the time, I just didn’t know the science behind it.   To try and answer and need …


6 reasons why I choose the outdoors over the gym

6¬†reasons why I choose the outdoors over the gym   No doubt gyms have their purpose in¬†forming the complete athlete. When training specific muscle groups, for rehabilitation or for other purposes such as the type of sport you practice what the gym offers can help you take your training to high levels if that is …


What does Earthing have to do with Mental Health

What does Earthing have to do with mental health?   Earlier this year I went through more than 14 research papers and studies on Earthing. I have seen a shift in my wellbeing over the years. From good to bad and good again. I was not aware however why that happened and exclusively blamed it …

Urban Women Fitness Outdoor

Benefits of Exercising Outdoor

Benefits of Exercising Outdoor  At UWF we believe in the outdoor, the Oxygen, Vit D, space and silence it brings with it. Nature is a place where you can find your rhythm and flow.   5 scientifically proven benefits of spending time outdoor: 1. Your vitamin D levels will go up


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