Confused About Food: How To Get Past The Confusion

Confused About Food: How To Get Past The Confusion

Honestly the word “healthy” has no meaning anymore. Let me tell you why I say this.

I recently had some conversations about “this is bad and this is good”, and came across articles about cheese, honey, bread or apples. Again that is, that’s what made me decide to write this.

What I found, now as I did in the past? Many contradict each other over what’s healthy and what’s not. So I dare to say that we have no idea of what healthy is anymore.

We’ve been influenced by ads on tv and articles in newspapers and all the information online that we don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s like a form of brain wash.

There’s so much confusion about it. Whether it’s good or not I do not read everything that comes to me on nutrition. I avoid some of them on purpose. I have a 900 pages book on nutrition and performance and I stick mostly with that and less with random articles.


I have the basics and science behind it. If I really wanted to know about nutrition and really know the real thing then I would have studied it and because a dietitian.

But I don’t as this for me means to keep my life simple as I know my parents did when they were my age. Blissful simplicity.

And they had no idea what carbs were, they still don’t. But they know exactly what to eat and what not and what to eat if they want to lose weight. It’s instinct and you have it as well.


When it comes to special diets for certain health problems then that’s another story. But for health and weight loss simplicity is something to consider.

By simple I mean as close as nature gives us the food we eat. That means breakfast cereals are out of the picture. I don’t remember my grandma having any, or my parents.


May I tell you yet another one of my stories? I will assume that’s a yes ….

At some point in my life I had to lose about 10 kg (about 1.5 st). It was obvious why I had put it on in the first place but I needed help to see what I was doing wrong and get on the right track.

When the time came to lose the weight it is was a nightmare. Yet my mother knew exactly what I had to eat. She even got me on what I learnt to be the 5 to 2 diet and then 6 to 1 hahaha.

Yet she had never read about this things, she just knew it. And even today I ask her for advice on nutrition and as I know some of the science behind it I am shocked about how she knows exactly what, how and when and sometimes the why as well without having to read as study as much as I do.

Now I’m not saying she’s an expert, yet she tells me something and then when I check it in my books she is right.

As I said before until very recently she never knew what carbs were but she knew that breakfast cereals were among the NO things. And many other things, just cereals are one of those most common.


It’s about filtering

It’s instinct and you have it as well. You just need to think for yourself – that’s how you get past food confusion

Whenever there’s someone saying something is healthy there will always be someone who says it’s unhealthy. And the other way around. That’s what’s going on out there.

No one is right and no one is wrong. We are all right and wrong in the same time. Why? Because we over complicate stuff.

It all comes down to how you filter the information. Because we have so much out there we stopped thinking for ourselves and just go with what we are told and read.

My diet is not the best. Your diet is not the best. There is no best out there no matter what anyone, including myself, tells you it’s “the best” way to go.

Don’t believe what I, or anyone else tells you or writes about, you need to filter the information we all give you and think for yourself: is it good or not? Just like my mother did with me.

You need to go back to thinking for yourself and stop allowing outside information to influence you. And this includes everything I give you.

I will never pretend that what I teach is the best and there is nothing better. You need to decide for yourself which path you go on.

And finally keep is simple, keep it clean, keep it pure.


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