3 Ways To Cope Better With A Stressful Working Environment

3 Ways To Cope Better With A Stressful Working Environment


I was asked this by one of my readers. And she has a point there. The environment we live and work in for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, can have a great impact on our personal and family lives.

It can be positive and that would be great, but many times it’s not. So how do you deal with it?

Before becoming a Coach and working for myself I was an employee. I worked as an insurance broker, in corporate banking, photography and hospitality industries.

In each case there were situations and people who would not be on the same wave length as me. We did not get along at all and made our lives miserable.

As opposed to how I am today, calm and patient, back then I used to get angry, stressed and frustrated on anything and everything. But that was ages ago.

Over the years I learnt how to deal with these type of situations and not allow them to affect me. Sometimes they do, I’m not going to lie, but it’s very mild and I clear them fast.

So here are 3 things for you to try. Depending on your situation they may or may not work, so give them a try and post your comments so I know how they work and guide you further as needed.

#3. Take a detour

After a tough day at work you want to clear your mind and energy before you go home. So make a detour somewhere where you enjoy spending time and with someone you enjoy spending time, or even alone.

I like spending time with myself, especially when I need some expert advice 😀

That being said, going for a pint is not what I’m thinking. And meeting friends who complain and talk only about the awful day they had is not a great idea either.

Choose more calm and quiet places where you can gather your thoughts with people who make you feel extraordinary.

When I was working in corporate banking, in winter, I used to go ice skating every single evening after work. Sometimes I didn’t feel like going.

But that’s the thing, because my energy was low and my mind was so full of stuff it felt like a burden. Once on the ice it wouldn’t take long to get my positive and enthusiastic energy level back to normal.

In the other seasons I’d go running or practice different sports. That’s my thing: sports.

#2. While at work

When you are at work and things are getting out of hand here are some things to think about:

1. Go for a short walk in your break, clears the mind

2. Stop and pay attention to your breathing. My habit is to focus on my heart area and breath into it 3 times, normal breathing. When I have time I do it for longer. This slows down your heart rate and calm the nervous system. You can do this throughout the day and not only when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

3. Smile. Yep, force the smile. You will instantly feel better and people around you will start feeling better. They will end up laughing at you and before you know it everyone is in a happy mood. Do it in front of the mirror in the bathroom alone if you don’t want anyone to witness it though. I’m serious, smile.

4. Pay attention to the words you speak. When you use words like “this place is awful”, “I hate him/her” or “I can’t wait to leave” you make these things real. Believe me, been there done that.

So back in the old days I used to say out loud, to anyone who’d listen, the opposite of what I was feeling when I was down. This made me feel amazing and people around me would compliment me on my positive and enthusiastic attitude.

I’d say things like “every day is a learning experience”, “what I like about what I do is that it challenges me to learn more and get better. All this will help me in the future.”, “I think our boss’s plan can actually work, let’s see how it goes before we decide it’s not good”.

I’d also see the good things in people, those small things that are positive and buried underneath their worst character traits. Everyone helped me grow to the person I am today, even if they drove me mad sometimes. I see/saw this as a learning experience rather than a destructive one.

So when you tell yourself something you become exactly that. I’m not talking about “fake it till you make it” rather about actually seeing the good things around you because there are always, always good things, even if they’re small. Open your eyes and actually see.


Exercise: make a list of all the good things about your work and the people you work with. For each person make a list of things that are good. It will help you see and focus on those good things.

PauseAnd breathe

#1. The Outdoors

I am a firm believer in taking long walks outdoors after leaving the office. The space and fresh air  clears the mind and calms down the nervous system. By the time you get back home you’ve cleared most of the negative emotions and thoughts.

When you take the walk allow your mind to buzz, let it talk, talk to yourself, let everything out. It’s like counselling, and it’s free. And it can also be a meditation, walking meditation that is.

Besides the only person you can get expert advice from is yourself.


That’s how I leave my clients feeling. I take them outdoors where they exercise, they meditate but we also created space and find calmness.

They find the positive person to spend time with, they learn to be healthy and strong and we also laugh a lot. All I mentioned above and more.

Do you need further guidance? No worries, you can book a free call with me and we can talk about it, I can even take you through a guided meditation.

It’s different form your usual meditations and that’s why my clients love them so much. It’s fits in with the modern world.

Book the free call right here and let’s chat.


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