5 Awesome Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

5 Awesome Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor

This is something I have never talked about and very few of you know that one of my greatest pleasures is sleeping on the floor. The earth and grass and perfect but if it’s a nice straight wooden floor that’s even better.

But what are the benefits of sleeping on the floor? Here are 5 benefits that come with it:


1. You can truly “let go”.

Because there is nothing there to take the shape of your body, your body cannot sink into the mattress, so you don’t need to tense up, you can actually relax and let go of tensions in your body.

2. Reduces lower back pain.

As the spine straightens and lengthens you get that feeling of release in your lower back and throughout your spine.

3. Aligns hips.

So many issues come from misaligned hips or pelvis, imbalanced muscles and body, poor posture and misaligned bones can also trap nerves. A straight wooden floor can realign the hips.

4. Aligns shoulders.

Misaligned shoulders can put strain on your neck and back, causing chronic pain, and even headaches. The consequences of a misaligned body take time to show up but it’s the details that many ignore which cause the greatest injuries. A straight wooden floor is perfect to realign the shoulders.

5. Posture.

You cannot achieve a nice lengthened posture if the pillow or mattress takes the shape of your head and body. It means that if your head and neck are in a wrong position they will take that shape and will keep your posture in the same (incorrect) position.

A wooden floor, if sleeping on the back, will align your head, neck, spine, hips, the whole body. The communication between head and the rest of the body is enhanced helping healing, improving circulation and better functioning of the body.

Remember that sleeping is the body’s natural way of healing, so sleep in a good resting position to enhance the process of healing.

A good posture also tells your brain it is happy while slouching tells your brain it is unhappy and sends stress signals towards your brain.

Thus by simply aligning our physical body we tap into mental wellbeing, happiness and optimism. Laying on the floor, on your back, makes things very easy, you don’t even have to think about it, you just need to enjoy the moment.


Other awesome benefits include grounding, less tossing and turning, falling asleep immediately, waking up earlier and there’s this feeling of clear mind that I always experience when I sleep on the floor. But that comes down to you to experiment and experience it for yourself.


How should I sleep on the floor?

The best position for most people is on their back. That’ll help align the body. On the side….not that much. Even if you say you cannot sleep in that position, on your back, you might be surprised at how much and how fast you relax and end up sleeping like a baby.

Of course as with anything else in the world there are also disadvantages but you just have to decide whether this works for you or not.


Won’t my body ache?

It might, at the beginning, if you’ve never slept on the floor or haven’t in a while. The body positions itself in a different way and joints straighten so if you do feel achy that might not be that bad. It might take up to one week for your body to adapt. However if you feel very uncomfortable start slow.


How should I build up so I don’t ache too much?

As with every habit it is good to start small. Just lie on the floor for 10-20-30 min or for how long you want before you go to bed or throughout the day. It may take up to a month to slowly build up. It depends on your body and its structure. You will know when you can sleep on the floor all night. Your body will let you know.



If you have any injuries, skeletal problems or anything that sleeping on the floor might make worse do check with your doctor so you don’t create more damage.

Please keep in mind that this article is for information only, based on personal research in biomechanics and different therapies and personal experience. The author cannot take responsibility for any consequences if you decide to follow any of the advice in this article or on this website for that matter.


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42 Replies to “5 Awesome Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor”

  1. I had back surgery 2 years ago (10 level spinal fusion) and now I’m experiencing some issues with flatback and developing Kyphosis. I’ve started spending 20 min of my lunchtime to lay in the floor. Lying on the floor is painful and I have difficulty getting onto and up from the floor. But my upper back pain seems to decrease for a couple of hours afterward. I did discuss this with my Dr. and he had no opinion on the effect of lying in the floor. He wants to put me through more PT. Since he has left this decision to me, can you think of any downsides or cautions I should consider?

    1. Hi Rebecca. That’s tough. I don’t know you, your history and it’s a quite a serious case, which I don’t have experience in. My only advice here would be to continue working together with your Dr and talk to him about everything you consider testing out. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this.

  2. I love the idea of sleeping on a hard surface,but have always slept on my side,,i have wide shoulders and they sometimes go numb while sleeping on the hard surface,,,would this suggest i shouldn’t sleep on a hard surface,,is this only for back sleepers???? thanks for the interesting information.I guess i can compromise and sleep on a firm futon or something.

    1. Indeed sleeping on the side is challenging on the floor. A compromise, as you suggested, might work out though.

  3. A friend recently told me that he “got rid of his bed”. He’s been sleeping on the floor for awhile now and feels great. I tried it and find that I sleep more deeply and my mind is alert and clear and I feel totally refreshed when I wake up. Thank you so much for your article and supporting this great sleep aid.
    Diane A.

  4. Sleeping on the floor was the best thing that I’ve done for my chronic low back pain. And like you said, I can feel my entire body align correctly, relieving me of this awful pain. Thanks for the advice ! It’s not for everyone, but it is for ME! I feel like a new woman!

  5. Anytime I’ve ever tried to sleep on the floor, regrettably, I’ve found it incredibly uncomfortable. I always gave up after an hour or two of not being able to fall asleep because it hurt so much. However, I’d like to try again! So thank you for this article. I didn’t think you would be able to build up a tolerance to floor sleeping.

  6. Well I really didn’t lime this at all my opinion is that if you sleep on a bed then you are more comfortable

  7. Your first language clearly isn’t English. This is a good and concise article but check it – there are errors.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, although errors creep in even in articles written by English speaking writers. I read many articles by English speaking authors and anyone can miss a letter here and there. But I looked over the article and updated it, hope I didn’t miss any errors and hope that helps. Thanks 🙂

      1. Alexandra,
        As Michelle Obama says ” When they go low, we go high…” in every aspect this is an appropriate practice. I agree. “Errors happen…” I enjoyed your article, thank you for the information.

      2. Hi Alexandra, Thanks for the information – interesting stuff – im suffering with various pains so I am going to give it a try and see how it goes. BTW – pay no attention to “rude” comments such as PATRICIA and LILY calling you out on “spellings” so what…..last time i checked THIS site is NOT up for a pulitser prize or being assessed by the grammar police. YOU publish as you like and people like myself are grateful for your time 🙂

  8. Hi I’ve been sleeping on the floor with a very minimal foam and a pillow for the past 2 weeks. I absolutely love it. I was just hoping I did not do it in a wrong manner. I was wondering if I should lose the pillow? Appreciate your work. Thank you

  9. Atlast common sense at work – the human body is meant to sleep on a level hard surface . Other benefits of sleeping on the floor are – reduced allergies as your mattress and pillow are not full with allergens , when we get up from the floor we use our joints and muscles more fully and the same when we lie down , ample space to move around when sleeping . Wish our babies could do the same rather than be imprisoned in cribs, cots and prams and hampered and hindered by furniture – manya

  10. What should I use under my head while sleeping on the floor? I hurt my back and laying flat on the floor is not comfortable at all and is a bit painful, but I can feel,how badly my hips and back is out of alignment. I have started to lay on the floor for 15 min at a time in,hopes of healing my back, once its not painful I will,try and sleep all night. But just wondered if a pillow or neck roll,is to be used?

    1. Hi Claudia. Yes, a pillow or neck roll, nothing major, it ca even be a book if you just lay on the floor and not sleep. Nothing to thick, just enough to straighten your cervical spine. This would be my advice.

  11. Thank you very much! It’s awesome! My lower back is already showing remarkable improvements! I’m so blessed…. Bring on the floor!

  12. hi
    i have a back pain that keep moving up and down and when i visited a doctor he said thats only fatigue or that am exhausted can sleeping on the floor help with such a matter

    1. Hi Mohamed. It’s possible. If your doctor said nothing about slipped discs or any specific problems, give it a try. But do it when you don’t need to be at work the next day, just in case you feel achy.

  13. well i slept on the floor for my first time last night and when i woke up my mind was clear as d my body felt amazing, unfortunately i woke up at 5:19 which is earlier than usual. I play football for my district and i have a match soon, when i train my body feels amazing and not at all achey. Thanks. Verity

  14. I sleep on the floor because I cannot afford a bed. I cannot sleep on my back because three fractures in my skull sustained when as a pedestrian I was hit by a speeding SUV while crossing the road at a well lit intersection with a walk light clearly visible at the traffic lights. Sleeping on the floor seems good to me – I hope it is.

  15. I sleep on our tiled floor because my bed it hot because it's summer here. I've been doing it a lot lately and my family thinks that I'm weird. Well, once you're done with your day and you're going to sleep, laying down on the floor feels really good. Especially when you've just took a bath. You hear that crack on your back and ooohhh damn that feels good!!! And you can feel the coldness of the tiles. I thank God for the floor. Especially tiled floor. They're one of God's greatest inventions.

  16. Hi Jeyhun. So sorry for this late reply, I didn't see your comment. Sleeping on the floor doesn't have to be straight on the floor, the aim is to sleep on somethign harder. So you can use 3-4 interlocking mats. Ensure there is no draft coming from doors. You can also use a sleeping bag, they are designed to keep you warm. Hope this helps.

  17. Dear Alexandra, thank you for this article. İ started sleeping on the floor few days ago ann now i feel better. Only interesting thing for me is that, how to keep health and dont get cold coming from floor.

    1. Hi Jeyhun. Thank you. How to prevent from getting cold? Well, I’d say it depends on the house and the room you are in. Make sure there are not air drafts, maybe insulated floor, or look at interlocking mats. The mats we use in Martial Arts. They are tough but keep you off the cold ground. Or if it’s too cold a blanket would be good. These are some ideas, see how they work for you and let me know.

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