Vivid Drink Matcha Tea Review

Vivid Drink Matcha Tea Review


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I had the unique opportunity to find a drink which meets my standards. If you know me at all you know I am very skeptical even after I see the ingredients on labels. It is very difficult to convince me that something is natural and healthy.


So every time I find something new I look at it with my skeptical eyes and read the label. I did this for all tea brands, for coconut water and many others.


One day however the story line changes. I found a less known brand of tea, new for me at least. My mother always said that the small brands are the most trusted ones because they do not mass produce and so they do not need to use preservatives to keep them last longer.


Vivid Drinks Matcha Tea is a brand of tea which meets my standards. There is nothing in it than fruit and tea, you can taste it, you can feel it, you can smell it.



Vivid Drink Matcha Tea selection

  • Matcha tea with lime, ginger & honey with
  • Matcha tea with pear, rhubarb and rooibos
  • Matcha tea with grape, elderflower and white tea


What is Matcha Tea?


Matcha tea is a natural caffeine boost & green tea finely milled or fine powdered. In the Japanese culture, the tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha.


Caffeine, in moderation, helps concentration and cognition.

Matcha tea has more antioxidants that other teas and contains L-Theanine which keeps you calm, relaxed and alert.

As a green tea, Matcha tea, boost your metabolism and helps with your weight loss plan.



By 121stephen (Matcha Tee) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

My experience with Vivid Drink Matcha Tea


These are the main elements I looked at when I tested Vivid Matcha Tea


1. Taste.


I know how a sweetened drink or tea tastes like and I also know how an unsweetened tea or drink tastes like. I can usually taste the difference between sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetened and plain unsweetened tea. And so do out students at UWF, this tea allows us to actually taste the tea and the fruit in it. Delicious.


2. Colour.


If you look at the juices in carton, let’s say the pear juice, the colour is bright, appealing. Producers say that we want our foods and drinks to look like this otherwise we would not buy them. But those intense colours tell me that there are chemicals in that drink.


With regards to Vivid Drink however, the colour is not intense, like you’d expect from a bottled orange or pear juice. After a while any natural drink has a slightly darker colour, it oxidizes. This does not mean it is not good, it simply means the fruit or the drink is not full of preservatives to make its self life longer and make it more appealing to the eye.


Cut a piece out of a pear or apple and, if the fruit is not treated with chemicals, you will see how it darkens.


3. Clarity


What I love about Vivid Drink tea is that it is not clear, if a drink has real fruit in it then the colour would be cloudy and darker as explained above.

Vivid Drinks Matcha Tea


4. Texture.


While you will not find chunks of fruit in this tea you will find that fine trace of pulp which makes it taste just a little bit sweet. For example the pear, rhubarb, matcha and rooibos tea the texture is that of pear pulp.


5. Best before date.


Now this is a very important aspect of drinks and food in general. The longer the shelf live the more chemicals inside. As a child and teenager my mother used to buy food, such as yoghurt, with the expiration date a few days after they were produced. You know there is nothing in it.


Vivid drinks tea, packed with antioxidants, has natural preservatives to keep it on the shelf just a few months. Many other drinks and bottled tea last for years.


7. Ingredients on the label


Vivid Drinks Matcha tea ingredients


  • Water
  • Fruit puree
  • Tea
  • Natural Flavouring
  • Vitamin C


Thus, after all this detailed analysis, Urban Women Fitness teamed up with Vivid Drinks to get the word out there about this wonderful, all natural drink. Vivid Drinks are one of UWF sponsors.


You can also find Vivid Drink Matcha Tea in selected stores such as Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, WHSmith, Planet Organic and other.


But, to make it easier to purchase, we have it here in our Amazon Nutrition Store.

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