Recommended kit

Recommended kit

This list is for students who signed up for outdoor natural movement.


Here is the list of recommended things in the order or importance. This is the complete gear, you don’t need all of them from the beginning:

– good grip shoes (off road)

– beanie hat

– base layer top  (with long sleeves, or short sleeves with separate sleeves you can roll up and down as needed – see the store)

– gloves (preferably fingerless)

– rain coat (which you can easily put into a back pack, no tying around the waist allowed)

– scarf neck / fleece snood

– small back pack with straps and buckle so you can run with it


Food – see the store for snacks, you can also have nuts and dried food if you think you need to have food.


Water, you can put a pinch of salt to replace electrolytes (don’t worry too much about the salt, but bring water)


For 1:1 Mentoring Students I will have a backpack so I can carry your water and food.

For even more info see the FAQ page

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