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Alexandra, also known as The Barefoot Speaker, is a highly acclaimed public speaker who speaks about Health, Wellness, Fitness, Stress, Earthing, Habits Transformation and more. She is known for working with professionals, particularly women in their 30’s and 40’s to help them relive stress or overcome depression.

Through The Merisoiu Technique and its Six Essential Principles she takes them from feeling mentally burnt out and exhausted, and in as little as 12 weeks they can be feeling energised and transformed!


Her talks cover a number of different topics:


1. What does Earthing have to do with Mental Health

Emerging research is revealing that direct physical contact of the human body with the surface of the earth (grounding or earthing) has intriguing effects on human physiology and health, including beneficial effects on various cardiovascular risk factors.

Reconnection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being.

In patients who experience anxiety, emotional stress, panic, fear, and/or symptoms of autonomic dystonia, including headaches, cardiac palpitations, and dizziness, grounding could be a very realistic therapy. These patients may see positive effects most likely within 20 to 30 minutes and in almost all cases in 40 minutes.

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2. The 6 Guiding Principles of a Healthier Lifestyle

The 6 Guiding Principles of a Healthier Lifestyle were created by Alexandra to help her clients live a healthier, fitter, happier and stress-free life.

They cover the physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Alexandra believes that only one of the 3 elements is not enough to promote a healthier lifestyle, but all of them are needed to create the balance.

The name comes from one of Alexandra’s most cherished books The 20 Guiding Principles of Karate-Do.

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3. What meaning do you give to depression

One in Four women suffer from this biological illness (depression) at some point in her lifetime.

A child with a depressed parent is 2 to 4 times more likely to develop depression himself before adulthood.

Extensive research has shown that a mother’s depression, especially when untreated, can interfere with her child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

There are less people in control of their lives and more people who suffer from depression.

We need to take control over our lives, through exercise, meditation or anything than brings us joy, calmness, mindfulness and relaxes us.

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4. Habits to let go of stress and tensions around the body instantly

We take upon us many responsibilities and a lot of stress. That builds up and before you know it, gets out of control. This in turn leads to anxiety, more stress and even depression.

It is important to learn simple and fast ways you can do instantly to relieve the stress, center yourself and regain focus.

The article on this blog shows 3 of the many ways Alexandra teaches her students how to let go of stress and live happier and healthier at all levels: physically, psychologically and  emotionally.

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5. Fighting Depression, Mental Strength, Commitment and Dedication and more


There is no coincidence that Alexandra chose to work with professional women to help them overcome stress and depression. Her own journey was challenged from an emotional and psychological perspective which in turn affected her physical well-being as well.

Her own mother suffering from depression even before Alexandra was born and that affected her from an early age at all levels: socially, emotionally, psychologically.

However, Alexandra found the strength to rise and become multiple National Karate Shotokan Champion, ranked 2nd in the World Championships and now competing for England as part of Shotokan Karate Clubs England. She is also an Obstacle Racer and Founder of Urban Women Fitness.



Alexandra speaks at:

  • MeetUp events
  • Business events
  • Health and Wellness events and conferences
  • Fitness events and conferences




“Really interesting subject matter [Seven habits to do to avoid the flu]
and delivered in a very clear, informative and engaging way.”

Guy Holland
CCO (Chief Communications Officer) WatchFit

“The content of the speech, on a programme we are developing together, was well
structured and presented in an interesting, attractive way in front of the audience
and clearly delivered in the required time-frame.”

Andrada Maria Brisc
Founder & Principal Ab Music Dreams


Urban Women Fitness


As the Founder and Coach at Urban Women Fitness. Alexandra has an outdoor health and wellness system, The Merisoiu Technique, where she helps professional women in their 30’s and 40’s to overcome stress and depression.  She does this by creating a healthy, fit, organic lifestyle using The Merisoiu Technique and its Six Essential Principles that takes them from feeling mentally burnout and exhausted, and in as little as 12 weeks they can be feeling energised and transformed!


“Instead of building resistance when we deal with stress and exhaustion we surround ourselves with health, wellness and calmness and everything becomes easier to bear. Thus difficult moments in life don’t lead to depression anymore and stress is easily released instead of forced away. This is what I create.” – Alexandra Merisoiu


Athletic Achievements

In her time away from UWF she is Sensei Alexandra, a Sandan Black Belt (3rd Dan) in Martial Arts Karate Shotokan, holding several National Titles and ranked 2nd in the World. Now she competes for England under Shotokan Karate Clubs England. View Alexandra’s Martial Arts Titles here.

Furthermore Alexandra is also an Obstacle Course Racer, taking on Spartan Races, Nuclear Races and more and is training toward being part of an Elite OCR Team in 2015.


Alexandra Merisoiu Karate Shotokan World Championshipkata1Alexandra Merisoiu 44th Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament



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