Danube Delta Training reTreat

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WARNING! This Retreat Will Make You Go Wild, Reclaim Your Nature And Nurture Inner Peace

Don’t continue reading until you are absolutely sure you want all of the above



The beauty of today’s society is that we are all able to connect and talk with each other from almost anywhere in the world. Most of the world has access to high speed internet which opens doors for continuous expansion.

It’s beautiful to be able to talk to my parents who are 2500 km away. I don’t even feel we are apart. Today we are all closer even when we are physically far apart.

Yet we hear almost everyone around us saying “I do not have time for myself” or “There is no time for me to look after my family and my business, let alone myself” or even “I cannot put myself first just now”.

We forget that life is finite. We will not be here, in these bodies, for a very long time. Years pass and we forget to live. We forget we had any dreams, we leave ourselves as the last thing on our busy to do lists. If we even give ourselves that luxury.

We want to look after our business and families and children but we almost always forget that if we are not well there is no way we can ever help them.

If you are unwell your family will suffer with you, for you, they will be unwell. And I know that because I’ve been there, I’ve seen my mother suffering and this lead to me suffering and being emotionally unbalanced for a very long time.


Let me tell you my story

I could not have asked for better parents. I learnt so much from them. I learnt how I want to become and I also learnt of what I don’t want to become.

Both of them taught me great lessons they are not even aware of. Somehow I took only the things I saw good in them and left the rest.

My father has always been a caring parent. But he looks so well after himself that he forgets about the others. That’s ok, he has taught me great lessons and I am grateful for that.


But I am here to tell you about my relationship with my mother in particular.

Now, my mother is at the opposite end of my father. She takes so great care of others, including family, friends, colleagues and strangers, that she forgets to take care of herself… until it’s too late.

She is her late 50’s now and she is sorry. She regrets a lot of things. She is unhappy with my father and with herself. She gave her life to and for others and there is no life left for her. No passion, no purpose, no desire and no dreams left, nothing.


Today she lives to see me succeed and she is by my side (2500 km away). She is the person in my shadow without whom nothing of what I am, do and have today would be possible.

But she has nothing for herself, she does not live, she is just there in my shadow. And, for me, her child, this is more painful than you can ever imagine.


So I asked my mother what would be her message for women out there and this is what she said:



Listen well, her advice is for you, the professional woman who puts her wellbeing at the end of the list. You will never ever help anyone if you are unwell, unhappy and do not follow your dreams.

The reason I am here putting this retreat together and writing this for you is because I made it my mission to help women just like you and my mother, to empower them, to make them understand that THEY are the most important human being that can bring happiness, health and peace to everyone around her.


You owe it to your family, you owe it to your children, you owe it to your friend and YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF



I am Alexandra Merisoiu, founder and coach at Urban Women Fitness. I work with professional women to help them relieve stress and overcome depression.

I do this by taking them through the Six Essential Principles of  The Merisoiu Technique which enables them you reach a more balanced and healthier life life at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Natural movement
Zanshin or mindfulness
Personal development
Habits transformation

I combine peace and calmness with motivation and inspiration to achieve the precise balance between pushing physical and mental boundaries and spiritual development.


The Danube Delta Training reTreat promises to make this a trip to remember. The wilderness will take the physical, mental and emotional pains and struggles such as stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and overwhelm and replace them with inner peace, balance and health to help you push boundaries for physical, mental and spiritual growth and development.

The Danube Delta Training reTreat is dedicated to women who want to release their inner warrior, to go wild and reclaim their nature and want to break free.

Women not only want a beautiful body but also a strong mind, a free spirit and the ability to have better control over their fears and emotions. Strength that can withstand anything life can ever throw at them.

The ONLY way to achieve this strength is to allow yourself to be taught by the most powerful teacher on earth: Mother Nature. And the Danube Delta is the ideal place, keep reading to find out why.

ATTENTION! This is not a regular retreat, in regular places where most health professionals take their clients. Places which are full of tourists, sometimes  dirty because of this, places  which are becoming “go to” destinations for everyone. If this sounds interesting keep on reading

Birding tour or trip in the Danube Delta and Dobrotea - Romania

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Incredible facts about the Danube Delta

  • It’s the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas
  • It has 2,200 square miles of rivers, canals, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands. This is nature at its best
  • There are 3,450 animal species that can be seen in the Danube Delta, as well as 1,700 plant species. You will never get bored.
  • The Delta was formed over a period of more than 10,000 years and it continues to grow
  • The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has the third largest biodiversity in the world (over 5,500 flora and fauna species), exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador.
  • More then half of the Delta Biosphere Reserve is virtually intact. Wilderness here we come.



It is time for you to put everything else second, third and fourth on the list and to put yourself as #1.

If you do not do this you will forever be stuck at the bottom of the list.

I’ve been working with many women to create and develop The Merisoiu Technique which is the core of The Danube Delta Training reTreat.

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Nadia is in her mid thirties, owns her own business, has 2 children and a family with 3 sisters. She came to me because of the emotional baggage and the struggle of juggling work-family-personal life balance.

She says that getting the best out of her days, being effective and organised, juggling work life balance is tough, it takes its toll on her as a person and without realising she is sinking.

After only the first session she found herself to be more aware of her surrounding, thinking with clarity and not allowing situations to take over and to be more in control of her emotions.


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Viola is another client of mine. She is a young aspiring fashion designer. She came to me because she wanted to get fit and healthy and find balance in life.

In return she says she gained a new self awareness of her body and, overall , of her psychological potential. She became more aware her real needs and goals and she learnt how to face new challenges always with a positive and passionate attitude.

Finally Viola found herself with a new attitude : stronger and confident to face new life challenges.


I collaborate with companies such as WatchFit for training programs, Abintegro for career coaching, Mer-Ka-Bah for health and wellness programs, Heart Surge Fund as coach for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease.

My clients are often entrepreneurs as well as working for big companies such as Sky and BBC.  Some of my clients are lawyers or accountants looking to find their family-work-personal balance in life.

I’ve been in the sports, health and fitness industry for 20 years. I funded Urban Women Fitness and created The Merisoiu Technique based on 20 years of expertise, philosophies and wisdom gathered and  developed through time. And now they are ready to be shared with the whole world.

When put into application The Merisoiu Technique holds the key to a happier and more fulfilling life for yourself and your family.

I hold a certificate in Psychology in Human Intimacy and I am a qualified Personal Trainer with background in Traditional and Competitive Japanese Martial Arts.

This enables me to have outstanding breakthroughs with my clients.

I hold National Titles and I was ranked 2nd in the world in competitive Karate Shotokan. Today I compete for England at a national and international level. And I am also a competitive Obstacle Course Racer.


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What will you get out of the Danube Delta Training reTreat

  • Personal development
  • Find your sweet spot in life. That is the precise family-personal-professional life balance
  • Emotional balance
  • Get fit and lose weight in a healthy way
  • Physical healing
  • Detoxifing the body and eating organic, locally grown, freshly prepared food by your hosts
  • No worries about cooking your own food, about the quality of the food and anything else
  • Making new, awesome and wild friends
  • Support, motivation and inspiration from like minded women who are on the same healing journey as yourself
  • Go wild, be your true self without the fear of being judged[/otw_shortcode_info_box]

The journey to reclaiming your nature and release your inner warrior


1. One night in Bucharest, the capital of Romania

2. Transportation to and from the beautiful, wild and one of a kind Danube Delta

3. 5 days in the Danube Delta where you will go through all the Six Essential Principles of The Merisoiu Technique: Earthing, Zanshin, Natural Movement, Nutrition, Personal Development and Habits Transformation

  • Enjoy 3 meals a day cooked from freshly caught and freshly prepared fish, game, vegetables, fruit right from the back yard. You see them being picked and straight in your bowl
  • Travel by boat to all training locations. the physical part of the retreat will take part in 5-8 different locations including: forest, field, beach, sea and more. So no boring routine, you will live life at the maximum and you will definitely want to come back.
  • 8 sessions of natural movement training which involves learning to use and move your body in a more efficient way which in turn will help you relieve stress at a physical and mental level, reduce aches and pain, and even health some of your injuries. Natural movement is about walking and/or running technique, squatting, lifting, throwing, catching, bending, hanging, crawling, posture, standing and sitting. Natural movement is not boot camp it’s technique. That being said rest assured you will be challenged according to your level
  • Experience mindfulness and awareness at a different level. You will listen, feel, see, touch and smell a world which you have never experienced before. You will come in contact with the Earth going barefoot, you will lift and throw logs and stones and you will learn how to softly and fluidly move around the world you live in to create as little resistance as possible on your body and mind. This leads to more peace and calmness, less tensions and pressures, and you finally finding your family-personal-professional life balance.
  • 3 seminars of 1-2 hours on nutrition, personal development and habits transformation. We do this because no matter how much you train, no matter how much you learn you will never be able t put the knowledge you gain into application if you don’t have a structure, self-discipline and a way to approach habits so that you create as little pressure and tension as possible in the process
  • 2 question and answer sessions, one in the middle of the retreat and another at the end. Here we can all participate, asking questions and giving our best answers. We will help each other better understand the philosophies, concepts and techniques we learn through the retreat
  • Of course you will also have time to socialize, we will also go to the beach, on the Black Sea shore, we will bathe in the sun and the sea and have a great time
  • We will also go twice or 3 times in the closest city Tulcea for souvenir shopping, restaurants and have a fun night out.
  • Or course we go everywhere mainly by boat, so the fun is not stop.
  • You will get worksheets to make learning fun and easy
  • Besides all this each participant will receive a personal 1-2-1 session with Alexandra on any of the Six Essential Principles she chooses, this can be natural movement, mindfulness, nutrition or anything at all.

4) Return to the airport


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I am an entrepreneur, running my own music school in London, AB Music Dream.

Working with people can be fun, but it can be challenging as well. Therefore having a balanced physical and mental health is crucial.

Teaching singing and piano and working with ages from 5 to 70 is rewarding  but demands a lot of patience and flexibility. I have been training with Alexandra since June 2014 and I felt a significant change even after just the first few sessions.

Alexandra’s approach during the sessions not only helped me work towards my personal and physical goals, but also helped my business. Guiding me to find calmness and confidence which a job as a tutor, manager and performer require.

On the other side of my career, Alexandra has had a huge influence as well. As a concert pianist and classical singer, a good health and keeping myself fit are on top of the list.

A controlled posture, a better awareness of the movements I do in my daily life, good breathing and better management in stressful situations are just a few of the key elements I gained during my sessions with Alexandra.

I highly recommend Alexandra for any type of training, but especially for individuals who deal with stress and would like to improve the quality of their lives in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional.

Andrada Maria Brisc

Principal AB Music Dreams



You too can be like Nadia, Viola and Andrada whom I’ve taken through some wonderful transformational experiences. And you will get an even greatrer experience because you will be in the middle of pure, untouched nature.

They have all found their Sweet Spot in life, that perfect family-personal-professional life balance we are all looking for.

So for you to get all this and more, for you to find emotional and life balance, to heal your being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social you need to sign up for this retreat as fast as you can.



But here comes the best part. If you are in the first ever group you will only pay for you plane ticket, transportation and accommodation (3 meals daily included)

And you will pay nothing for:

  1. Eight training sessions of 1h30min
  2. Three seminars
  3. Two question and answer session
  4. Worksheets
  5. One personal 1-2-1 session with Alexandra Merisoiu

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HOW MUCH: So everything altogether will cost you less than £640 for a 7 day retreat in a unique place in Eastern Europe. Plus your British Airways plane ticket. Deposit only £100, non-refundable.

WHEN: 01-08 July 2015.

This place will not be here for long. As society evolves, such places are in danger. Your grandchildren might not be able to see swans, turtles and many other wild life in their natural habitat.

It’s a small price to pay for such an eventful and unique experience which will change your life as you know it.


White Pelican in Danube Delta



For the summer of 2015 I can only take 5-7 women with me, that’s it. I cannot and will not take more of you.

So unless you want to be on the waiting list, postponing your personal and family wellbeing and paying a lot more later when you find out how amazing this retreat actually is I strongly recommend you get in touch with me.



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And this is my promise to you. If you come in the first group this summer in 2015, you will receive a 30% discount for your retreat in 2016 where you will get the chance  to live this experience all over again. Because I am absolutely sure you will enjoy it now in 2015, there’s no question about that.

Here’s how you can sign up. 3 steps:

  1. First talk to me
  2. Buy your ticket (at this point your place is reserved)
  3. Pay 50% of the other costs 60 days before departure

And then you hop onto the plane and we take care of the rest. No more worries.[/otw_shortcode_info_box]

Click here


Eurasian Spoonbill , Platalea leucorodia, Danube delta rewilding area, Romania

But you have to book your call with me as soon as possible otherwise your place will not be reserved.

When you book a call with me we will do an assessment to make sure this is the right thing for you. I don’t want you to waste your time and money on something that might not help you or you might not like it.

So we will go through a health form, we will talk about your present and past health and fitness experiences and struggles, we will talk about your diet and whether you have any specific requirements.

We will talk about your future health, wellness, fitness plans and where The Danube Delta Training reTreat falls into place. Whether it is the right thing for you and whether that is the right time to get you on it.


So take step 1/3 and book a call with me (see, it even rhymes if you say it out loud 😉


If you fail to book this call with me and join us on this transformational journey you will forever stay where you are because you take no action to change your life in any way. So you will:

1. stay stressed and depressed and drag your family behind you as well (remember my mother’s story!)

2. forever struggle to lose weight and keep it off because you do not know how to do it alone and no one taught you how to make informed decisions without having anyone looking over your shoulder all the time

3. you will never learn how to use your body to get rid of aches and pains, injuries and muscle tension which keep you up at night and make you spend thousands of pounds on massage therapies only to get them back after a weeks because you actually changed nothing to make them disappear.

4. you will always struggle to find the right family-personal-professional live balance because no one taught you how to look at things

5. you will always struggle to implement what you learn because you never learnt how to create habits that stick long term

And you learn this and more without spending months and years learning. You will have 7 days of clear mindedness in a place where you experience no stress or tension and this allows you to learn faster, better and more efficient that you’d normally do in the middle of a busy, polluted and crowded city where you are constantly surrounded by negative energy.

After these 7 days you will be a more enlightened person, your senses, your mind and body will be rewired and begin to function at a different level FOREVER not just for 7 or 30 days. And you will learn how to keep this forever because you will learn how.

So if you want to experience life in a different light, if you want to truly be enlightened I highly recommend you book that call with me, and step 1/3 will be taken care of.


Bear in mind this opportunity is unique and you get training, coaching and seminars for free. For you this retreat is less than 1k while the normal price is way higher.

Come with me on this 2015 summer retreat and you get 30% off the 2016 summer retreat.

Are you ready to take YOUR life to the next level?



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