Ideal Client

Ideal Client

You are overwhelmed, fed up and bored with going to the gym and may not be achieving the results you want. Your job is stressful and overwhelming, although you love what you do.

You want to achieve the results you planned in a way that also stimulates focus and creativity. You need a method that not only gets you fit and healthy but also challenges the mind and gives you tools to succeed in other areas of your life such as your business.

Your aim is to replace the standard gym exercises, the endless reps and sets, with methods, techniques and knowledge that makes sense, teaches you about how your body works and what it needs, builds strong foundations and gets you lasting results, not just for the season.


Who You Are

You are a high performing professional corporate or entrepreneur in your 30’s – 40’s. You are smart, highly motivated and looking to learn more about your body and establish strong, lasting foundations for health and physical movement.

You are fed up with military style training, injuries and/or not getting the results you are looking for. You also don’t quite understand why you do the things you do in the way you are told to do. You want to know what’s in it for you and what real difference will it make in your life.

You spend long hours working and have little or no time set aside for yourself. You want and you need that time.

You know you have to exercises, you feel the need but you struggle to fit it in and to stay motivated over long periods of time.

What you need right now is an opportunity to get out of the gym, exercise in the correct way, develop strong foundations and have a plan to get your body fit and healthy and your mind focused and sharp.

You also need ongoing support after your finish your training so you can keep going on your own.


What Your Challenges Tend To Be

You are passionate about keeping your mind and body healthy and fit. You understand that exercising and having a controlled diet is imperative for your physical and mental performance.

You want to get your health and fitness to the next level but you are not sure if the gym or the type of exercises you are doing right now are going to get you there. You don’t want superficial results, you want lasting foundations that will allow you to build a strong and balanced structure for the years to come.

You are not close to understanding your body, how it functions and what it needs when it needs. Although you read a lot about health and wellness, the information out there is so overwhelming and contradictory that it makes it difficult to put it into action. And as you are also a busy, high performing corporate or entrepreneur, you do not have time to spend filtering out all that information.

You want exercises that will enable you to reduce physical and mental stress and learn the art of mastering your body. You also want simple and straight forward nutrition guidance and a controlled, not strict, flexible diet you can shape to fit your busy life.

You ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ about mastering your body. You need to move your body how it was designed to move in a natural, unrestricted manner.

You want to exercise in a correct way to ensure you do not injure your body. Weight and muscle comes and goes but a damaged body will never be the same again.

Injuring your body will, of course, take you back to where you started. When you get injured you cannot make any more progress so you return to the old lifestyle you managed to change. You relapse.

You know you can go on that treadmill or on the cross trainer for hours and hours, but you feel there is more out there than the four walls surrounding you. You know you are part of a bigger world, a world you have never thoroughly interacted with and explored before. However, you feel unsure of the thought of doing it alone and whether, in cold days, you will be motivated enough to keep going. You also doubt whether leaving behind the gym machines is a good idea.


What You Need Right Now

Your primary focus needs to be on getting out of the gym and focusing on peak physical and mental performance through deep, lasting foundations.

Second, those strong foundations need to develop a correct physical movement and strengthen your body from within, tackling the root cause of your pain, whether it be weight gain, lower back pain, knee pain or stress.

It’s all about correcting how you use your body daily throughout your life, releasing physical and mental tensions and stress and bringing out the warrior’s spirit. It is important to get the body mechanics right because how you use your body will have a direct impact on your mental performance, focus, creativity and productivity.

At the same time it is important to fuel your body and mind with the right nutrients. It is time to leave the strict diet aside and adopt a controlled diet by implementing the Food Discipline™ lessons.

Finally you need someone who has done the research and applied the knowledge for years. Knowledge and techniques that others like you have already successfully applied.

Then it is all about practicing the art of mastering your body and fueling it the right way. Everything else will follow if you are consistent with your newly formed habits. Step by step.